Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! My daughter and I start planning her costume in the summertime and start piecing everything together little by little. This year we decided on her being a lion tamer/ring master from the circus. Below is a list of where we got everything for her costume.



Black jacket – Goodwill

Hat – Goodwill

Shoulder embellishments – Joann Fabrics

Ribbons and other jacket embellishments – Savers

Shorts – Sale rack at Old Navy

Gold buttons on shorts – Joann Fabrics

Ice skating tights – Pierce Skate and Ski

Red mesh arm warmers – Goodwill

Striped leg warmers (actually arm warmers) – Goodwill

Striped shirt – Aeropostale clearance online

Black boots – Target

Hoop – Hula hoop from Target wrapped in black and white duct tape also from Target

Lion dog costume – Target


All of the jacket embellishments were glued on using a hot glue gun. Gold buttons were sewn on. Hair and makeup were done by me! For her hair, I put her hair in two pigtails, separated them into smaller parts and crimped the pieces. Then we teased the crimped pieces up to make it look big and messy. To cover the ponytail holders, I took a piece of hair from the back of the pigtails and bobby pinned it over the ponytail holder.

Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!